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Television Lighting is our Game!

Frank Gatto’s groundbreaking lighting design work has earned him 3 emmy’s.

Frank Gatto & Associates focuses on excellence in the television lighting industry! Our specialties include network television lighting, corporate industrials, award ceremonies and sporting events.

Whatever your favorite sports telecast, chances are that Frank Gatto and Associates is on the scene providing the lighting. For 30 years Frank has designed television and special event lighting for world renowned networks and companies, including HBO, ABC, ESPN, CBS, NBC, Fox, Showtime, Telemundo and Univision.

We can be seen on the set of College Gameday, NFL Countdown, World Series, Ultimate Fighting Championships and more.

In additional to our national presence, our proximity to Miami gives us the edge in providing lighting for your event in the Caribbean and South America.

Lighting Professionals

Our professional Lighting Directors, crew chiefs and stage hands are seasoned professionals and the best in the industry at what they do. The set-up and operation of the lighting equipment is key to a successful production. The varied experience they bring from working events at large venues such as Madison Square Gardens, the Home Depot Center, Staples Center and large Sports Arenas to smaller venues at local Convention Centers and Theaters ensure the lighting will be a success.

Lighting Equipment

Our tractor trailers travel from the east coast to the west coast of the U.S. and Canada and are equipped with all of the most up to date lighting equipment to make your production a success. The equipment is transported, set-up for the event and removed post show offering hassle-free turnkey lighting service. Our acquisition and operation of new LED lighting technology make us a leader in the televised sports lighting arena.

Lighting Evaluations & Consultations

Frank Gatto & Associates offers Free Lighting Evaluations of your production. Just send us a copy and we will review the lighting and offer suggestions for improving the lighting quality of your next event.

We are also available for consultation on lighting jobs as well as lighting sets still in the planning and pre-production stages.


Frank Gatto is available to give seminars on television lighting, news set and sporting events.


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