These days, environmental concerns are far higher than ever before.  So many items that we use or purchase in day to day life are designed to reduce negative effects on the world around us and its’ natural resources.

This is also the case when it comes to the lighting we use here at Frank Gatto & Associates Inc, both in our own homes and as a commercial lighting supplier.  LED has transformed the ways in which we can provide efficient and reliable lighting systems, while still being kind to the environment.

In fact, LED lighting has a huge number of benefits over traditional lighting sources, when it comes to saving money and lowering our own carbon footprint.  Here are just a few of the reasons why LED lighting is so much better for our environment.

  1. LED Lights Are More Energy Efficient

LED lights are up to 80% more efficient than traditional fluorescent and incandescent lights. 95% of the energy in LEDs is converted into light and only 5% is wasted as heat. This means that less energy is used, which in turn reduces the demand from power plants and decreases greenhouse gas emissions.

  1. LED Lights Do Not Contain Toxic Elements

Some forms of lighting, like fluorescent strip lights, for example, contain noxious chemicals like mercury and need to be disposed of properly.  LED lights do not contain any toxic elements, making them safer to use and easier to dispose of.  Using LED’s also help to reduce the cost and energy required to have mercury-based light sources taken away by specialist contractors, saving the need for additional transportation and road pollution.

  1. LED’s Use Less Light

Because the quality of light distribution in an LED light is focused, they do not emit lights in all directions like traditional bulbs do, often wasting light that isn’t needed.   This means that less LED light is required to achieve the same level of brightness given off from fluorescents and incandescent lights, which in turn helps to reduce energy consumption and light pollution.

  1. LED Lights Last Longer

An LED light can last up to as much as six times longer than other types of light including fluorescent and incandescent lights.  This means LED lights offer lower carbon emissions all around. Fewer lights to buy means less manufacturing processes, packaging materials, and transportation.

  1. LED Lights Do Not Increase Noise Pollution

The unique way in which LED lights work means that they do not generate any vibrations or humming noises when they are operated.  This, in turn, means that using LED lights can help to reduce noise pollution from the environment.

Here at Frank Gatto & Associates we care deeply about the world around us and are always looking for ways to produce first-class lighting solutions that have a minimal effect on our environment.  As class leading lighting professionals, we have scoured the lighting sector to acquire the very best LED lighting technology to help protect our environment as well as continue to make us a leader in the televised sports lighting arena.

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