Whether your event is in an indoor arena, a studio set, an outside stadium or athletic field, we have the equipment and expertise to make your televised event a success. The combination of our extensive knowledge of the best lighting equipment and our experience in all types of weather and settings makes Frank Gatto & Associates the one to turn to for your event.

Shadowless Lighting
In a television environment, it is not easy to provide professional billiard players with the soft down lighting they are accustomed to having on the table. Frank Gatto & Associates stepped up to this challenge and found that soft lighting the entire environmnet was the answer. By suspending a specially designed silk over the table, and having an overhead camera shoot through an opening in the center of the silk, we achieved terrific results.

Outdoor Lighting
Not many people realize it, but outdoor lighting can be one of the most difficult situations a Lighting Director faces. Hot bright backgrounds can be a nightmare. One way to help the situation is something we came up with on the ESPN College Gameday Series. We take advantage of available light and brighten up the stage with a canopy top that is a bit translucent and waterproof. This custom top brightens the set considerably and as a result, accounts for about 60% of the light needed. We also use a single bobbin net which reduces the background further. These tips make it a bit more manageable for the Lighting Director.

Frank Gatto & Associates partners with Aadyn Technology to provide our customers with the latest breakthrough in LED lighting technology. The benefits to our clients are high quality lighting using a fraction of the energy required by traditional lighting equipment. Less energy used equates to lower electric bills. The most recent breakthrough is the introduction of battery power. We now have the ability to utilize this LED lighting equipment to light an indoor or outdoor set or field with no electrical outlets or expensive generator power.

Aadyn LED Lighting on the Set

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