Ensuring that you have the right lighting on set can make or break your production.  Too little light and you lose impact, too much and you run the risk of your footage looking overexposed.  Getting it just right takes time and experience.  It is also helpful to look at new and innovative ways to add light to your set, rather than just using the same old lighting rig time and time again.

Advancements in LED technology now mean that you can achieve an excellent level of illumination using modern LED rigs that are easy to move from location to location and consume less power.

As experts in television lighting industry, we have many years experience of working with set lighting in all formats.  Our specialties include network television lighting, corporate industrials, award ceremonies and sporting events, but we are on hand to offer advice on the best lighting for every kind of set we work on.

What Are LED Lights?

LED, or light-emitting diodes, emit light when an electric current is applied. Because only a small amount of current is required for them to work, they only produce a small amount of heat and are much more cost effective to use. They also offer superior reliability, long bulb life, and exceptional battery life.

LED Lights Cost Less Than Traditional Lights

As a first-class lighting company, we have plenty of experience of lighting internal and external sets using HMI, tungsten and fluorescent light technology.  The introduction of LED lights to our armory, has meant that we can offer even more choice to our clients.

LED lights cost less to buy, require less energy to run and can be powered via batteries.  They are also incredible portable and require less extra equipment to carry around than more traditional lighting rigs do.

LED Lights Are Both Practical and Portable

Because LED lighting rigs can be compact, they are much better for lighting up small or unusual locations.  A traditional rig needs space around it to successful light up the area, whereas LED rigs can be squeezed into smaller spaces.

The other reason that LED lighting rigs are so successful in compact spaces is that they work on a lower voltage than standard lights, meaning they do not produce as much heat and are therefore much less of a fire hazard.  They also are instant on and instant off, meaning that you do not have to wait around for them to heat up or cool down.

Many LED lights also offer the operation of being battery operated, using either standard AA batteries or v-mount batteries for larger light panels.  This means you may not even need a power supply to illuminate your set.

LED Lights Are Incredibly Durable

Because they lack a whole bunch of moving parts, LED lighting fixtures can take a fair amount of being knocked about, which often happens on a television or film set.  Transporting to and from venues, or constant movement around the studio can be hard going on even the toughest of rigs. Because their design does not need to ignite a filament, they have virtually no moving parts making them much sturdier than traditional HMI, tungsten or fluorescent bulbs.

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