If you are putting on a production, making a movie or planning a performance of any kind, just booking a stage and some actors are often not enough.  The same applies to any organized events that you are hoping to capture on video.  A sporting event may be the highlight of your year, but it your video playback is dark or silent you will automatically lose the enjoyment of re-living those special moments.

Because we don’t just watch what is going on with our eyes, we need to recreate all our senses when it comes to recording live video too.  Great sound recording and effective lighting are all necessary to film high-quality footage, whatever the event.

The Importance of Quality Sound Recording

When used well, sound can evoke emotions, establish settings, develop characters, and advance the plotline of a story.  Throw in some background music and you can dramatically enhance the feel of a video within seconds.

Sound can work in subtle ways and can sometimes even go unnoticed.  Poor quality sound, lines that can’t be heard, or background music that is too loud, however, will always be noticed and can detract from the quality of your video.  Good sound helps to build up the atmosphere for the audience and every single piece of audio should be carefully planned and created, in the very same way the script and production will be.

Dialogue is not just enough to make a well-produced piece.  You should always consider the use of foley sounds as well as a score that rises and falls with the atmosphere of the story. Background sound is also vital if you wish to produce a believable piece of work.  A street scene, for example, will need traffic noise, people talking and other everyday sounds that you would hear in real life. Even quiet scenes will need audio enhancement.  A scene in a forest would still require the sounds of birds, the wind in the trees and footsteps on the ground to resonate with the audience.

When making your film, plan your audio as carefully as you do the other aspects of the overall production.  A film score and a foley script should be prepared before you start filming.

Why Lighting Is the Second Most Important Ingredient

Just as sound helps to tell the story, so does the correct use of lighting.  A well-lit set not only helps with the practicalities of great filming, it also adds depth and interest to every shot.

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of video production because it helps to set the mood for the video.  Shining light on specific objects or people helps to focus the viewer on to the intended spot, while lighting effects can transform the way people and objects appear in a scene.

Lighting should never be a distraction and should always blend seamlessly into the scene surroundings.  Because lighting has so many facets and can be used in a variety of different ways, many videographers use a three-point system to describe the way lighting helps to tell their story. By using these three main types of lighting, the main subject in a scene can be properly illuminated and highlighted.

Key Lighting – that focuses on the main person or object in the scene and illuminates them to reduce shadows and make them stand out from other people or objects

Fill Lighting –  that helps to eliminate shadows and is used to “fill in” all dark areas.

Back Lighting – to provide a direct contrast between a specified person or object and the background environment.

Using all the above will help you to create a story that is watchable and believable and can transform a run of the mill piece of video into a first-class film experience.

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